Steve the Computer Guy's mission is to be your technology partner by saving you money and providing, if not heavenly bliss, at least peace of mind.

  • Troubleshoot / Repair / Research / Design / Install
  • Networks / Servers / Computers / Software
  • Backups / Anti-Malware / Security
  • Save Time, Headaches, Loss, and Money
  • 30+ Years Experience
  • Small Businesses, Government, Schools, Colleges, Home
  • From 1 computer to hundreds
  • Affordable

Competitive Hourly Rate

If you already have an IT staff, you can always use some extra help, as needed:

  • Fill-in for staff out on vacations, sick leave, etc
  • Special projects
  • Peak periods when you are swamped

When your operation does not require a full time IT professional (at a cost of $80,000+ per year), a helping hand is just a phone call away and at an affordable cost.  

Yes, Insured - for your protection and peace of mind.